A Guide to Study Guides

Study guides are an extremely popular study tool. Sometimes, they're provided by a teacher/professor, while other times it's up to the students to make their own if they choose. Unfortunately, a lot of students don't know how to make a study guide from their class notes or what should go into one. Based on concepts of active learning, I've created this image to highlight some of the major tips I have for study guide creation. The biggest one I want to point out is to make sure you are synthesizing and summarizing the information. Putting it into your own words or displaying it in your own way (such as by making a table comparing concepts) is the biggest thing that makes study guide creation part of the learning process.

Ideally, this shouldn't be the only thing you do; you should use this as just one of your methods of studying. See the page on ways to study to learn about other methods you can use in tandem with study guide creation.